Courtesy of Olivier Zahm

Design Miami/ Scent

12.29 New York I Paris is celebrating its fourth year in partnership with Design Miami/. The Design Miami/ scent that blows through the fair was designed by 12.29 in collaboration with the Design Miami/ team to symbolize the electric energy of Miami and the creative intensity of the design world.

In a world where branding is everything and everyone is trying to break through, Samantha and Dawn Goldworm of 12.29 have taken an innovative spin by creating an olfactive branding company that designs custom scents for retail and corporate environments, hospitality venues, special events and private homes. 12.29's point of differentiation is the ability to create a scent designed specifically for the brand identity.

Design and scent are interrelated and codependent on one another. Both mediums express an emotional aesthetic, create a promise and deliver a dream. While most brands are familiar with design aesthetic, auditory, touch and taste cues, almost no brands have exploited olfaction as a message.

Scent is the future of design.

12.29 is a company that creates a scent for your brand, a scent for your home and a scent for your life.