Designer/ Delfina Delettrez
Year/ 2012
Materials/ Gold, silver, diamonds, rubies and pearls
Dimensions/ 13.5 × 1 × 8 cm
Courtesy of Lorenzo Michelini

Antonella Villanova presenting Delfina Delettrez

The show will display a careful selection of her most excellent and unique jewelry works, some representative of the collections she created between 2007 and 2012 that are rarely shown. The pieces specifically produced for Design Miami/ are presented in the frame of a conceptual installation.

Nine mirrored columns equipped with rotating iron top plates compose the setting of the work, hosting a single piece each. Magnifying glasses mounted on the columns’ sides will offer the viewers a close-up on each jewel, enhancing every detail of its production and, thereby, providing an unedited perspective and a further insight into Delfina Delettrez’s versatile modus operandi.

On one hand, it is always driven by the fascination for the special relationship between micro and macro cosmos and for the juxtapositions between the biological world and technological poesies. On the other, it is constantly aligned with the foundations of Italian artistic and artisanal tradition: technical excellence and creativity, culture and suggestiveness, irony and melancholy and wonder.