Design Miami/ 2012


Design Miami/ is proud to announce that Brooklyn-based Acconci Studio has been selected as the 2012 Designer of the Year.

The Designer of the Year Award recognizes an internationally renowned designer or studio whose body of work demonstrates unmatched innovation and influence in public and private spheres as well as industrial and conceptual production, while expanding global understanding of design.

The Award grants each winner a commission to create a large-scale work.For this year's commission, Acconci Studio will produce a climbing/playing structure to be permanently installed in the Miami Design District by 2014. An exhibition of Acconci Studio’s work will be open to the public in the Miami Design District in conjunction with Design Miami/ 2012,in which the plans for the future playground installation will be unveiled.


The Designer of the Year Award is supported by the Miami Design District.


Download the Designer of the Year Award Press Release